Friday, August 24, 2012

Make every day a good day.

"You can't control the things that happen to you,
but you can control the way you react to them..."
We all feel this way.
Not as easy as it sounds is it?
Or easier than it sounds maybe?
For me it depends on the day.
For me the days that I am driven by a strong sense of purpose are the best days.
That is why I am constantly reading and re-reading
"Man's search for meaning" by Victor Frankl
I would say this book has had a significant impact on me.
This layout came to me with this idea in mind.
The inks and paint was inspired by my dear friend Lou
A constant artistic inspiration for me.

                                                             ink and water dripping...

glimmer mist paper flowers
fill flowers

"Sometimes when you make the most of what you have, 
it turns out to be a lot more than you ever imagined" - Susan Gayle 


Louise said...

Oooh Faygie this is glorious! :) :) :) xx