Monday, September 10, 2012

Favorite Blog Monday

My Favorite Blog today is KIM WATSON.
Her post today shows you how to show appreciation to a teacher you love.
Don't get me wrong here,
I am not a  fan of most schools and most teachers.
(Gasp) did I just say that?!?
I think the system of schools in general is a good idea.
Learning on a schedule,
social setting
and a few more things.
When a school runs well there is nothing more valuable to a child's growth.
The problem arises when a school is not willing to admit their weak spots
and consequently
YOUR child is the sacrifice.
I would say this is as serious as  incompetent doctors.
Who get sued all the time for malpractice.
I say we institute the same insurance to protect ourselves against some teachers.
We're talking lives here.
So when you do come across a teacher that is working hard to help your precious child
be the best they could be,
show appreciation.
(and I don't mean buying them a picture frame!)
If you go to My Favorite Blog 
you will see what I mean.
This girl is a fantastic scrapbooker.
You will get lots of great ideas from her.
Start with this one.
While we're on the subject of school
I found these two layouts done 6 years ago.
They are simple in design.
I would like to see a little more creativity in my work.
But I am thrilled to have recorded this.
For the memory.

My mind floods with little slingshots of memories.
So even if the layout is simple,
my reaction to  it
is anything but.

I love school pictures.
They represent time in a way that nothing else does.
Keep all the pictures even if your child doesn't like them.
(ooh, i look so dumb)
Put them away.
For later.
You'll be glad you did.
I am.