Wednesday, December 5, 2012

“The most thoroughly wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed.”

I love comic strips.
I used to get the paper every morning and that's the first place I would go to.
To be a comic artist you have to be
super talented
and lucky enough to get published.
The other day I picked a book off my shelf and looked at it again with newfound respect.
The first time I read it was many years ago.
Too young to appreciate most of the advice give by the incomparable RABBI TWERSKY.
But now that I have more life experience
I can appreciate and understand the message of his wisdom.
What's so great about this book for me is the marriage of comic strip genius
It doesn't get more brilliant than this.
That's when I realized why I love comic strips so much.
I used to feel embarrased to admit it.
Sounded kind of juvenile.
But when I found this book I knew I was on to something...

I even used a funny little comic to describe my Sarale's addiction at age 12!
It was a cute way to document her 'favorites' .

Nothing fancy.
Yet I'm glad I did this.
Now it's 8 years later...
(BTW my friend Esther told me I could read as many comic strips as I like right here!
So now I have more reason to waste time at the computor.
and loving every minute of it!)

 I especially love MAXINE
 She cracks me up every time.

So there you have it!
Go look for a cute comic strip that you relate to and LOL.
Not a text LOL.
A real laugh out loud belly laugh.


Mom said...

Liked that post Faygie. So you made it just for me?!! Yes, I was laughing.

Heather Jacob said...

love these quotes Faygie ... lots of fun and laughter here xoxooxo