Monday, December 10, 2012

“Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things” – Ray Bradbury

I've been missing these kids alot!
So much that I've actually been inspired to scrapbook a layout.
You know I love doing this.
But I have no special place to unload all my stuff and....
Wait - I've already whined about this.
So moving on
I made this layout in anticipation of seeing my girls...
very soon I"H!
I must admit that part of the reason I become so inhibited about my scrapping
is because of all you fantastic, creative, off the charts artistic ladies on the web.
It's a double edged sword for me.
I feel inspired by my favorite scrappers
and then I feel totally intimidated.
I still love what I do.
But it does get to you when you see women who are so beyond talented.
Each page is a work of art.
Truly good enough to hang in a gallery.
And that's when I stop and remind myself it's only about the memories.
That's why I started doing it.
And that's why I continue.
So I am not the fanciest and most knowledgeable girl on all the ways you wonderful ladies get the work done in a way I never could...
But I can do it my way.

I've also been knitting in anticipation of something exciting.
I'll show you what that is very soon...

And most importantly
this week is CHANUKAH.
We started this wonderful tradition in my family when the kids became independent enough to spend their own money.
Each one of us gets a name in the family that remains a secret until Chanukah.
We give that person a gift.
Part of the condition is that as we open our surprise gift we take a short video and send it out for all of us to see.
Being that we are all not in the same city.
It's really a great way to experience Yom tov 'together' without necessarily being together.
Of course the little ones get gifts from each one of us.
This year I got a gift I will cherish forever and always.
My oldest DD ordered my blog in a book.
I am so touched by her thoughtfulness.
She knows me too well.
And she loves me so good!
I'll show it to you guys when I get it.

And here's a moment of my weekend that was so nice...

It's only when I see the picture that I process what I feet at the time...
Love you Shlam

Vincent Van Gogh



Debbie said...

Beautiful picture of the girls now, Faygie! Happy Chanukah! We have two four yo grandchildren here from the north for the whole week, so all their parents can work. Their younger siblings still have 'gan'. We set up a live feed so that they could all watch us light the candles and they watch the kids play sometimes, too. (P.S. I think you meant to write I.H. and not A.H.)