Sunday, December 23, 2012

Great News!

A few months ago I got a call from my DD.
"Ma open your email".
I ran to the computor while I kept her on the phone.
She was laughing and crying at the same time as I whooped in happiness.
THIS is what scrapbooking is for.
Isn't this the most wonderful way to break such awesome news!!!

So here we are months later with the most precious gift Hashem in his goodness bestowed upon us.
I immediately started knitting a beautiful little package to wrap this wonderful present in.
White is the perfect color for any newborn.
I found this luxurious pattern on RAVELRY and got to work.
I used the most delicious soft silky yarn.
With every stitch I knit I thanked Hashem for his infinite goodness in my life....

(Don't you all want to learn how to knit now?)
My beautiful little grandaughter is named after my grandmother.
I was very close to my grandmother.
I was fortunate to spend 7 wonderful years with her here in Miami Beach.
Her 'joi de vivre' was contageous.
She taught me alot about what it means to be happy.
Amazingly at 72 she began to paint.
Her "golden hands",
her eye for colour and composition
united with her irrepressible exuberance 
produced scenes of Jewish life which touched the viewer
with the simplicity and authenticity of her perception.
She composed poetry in Yiddish
which was published in Jewish newspapers.
Eventually my grandmother self published a little book of all her poems.
What is most impressive to me is no matter how involved she was in her creativity
(and she burnt many a pot as she painted the hours away...)
to her a day without an act of charity was impossible.
She loved people and used her upbeat personality to raise funds.
She carefully collected and saved enough money to put a down payment for a Yeshiva in Montreal.
She found joy in everything she did.
I remember one time we were going out to a gathering.
She asked me to put a little blush and lipstick on her.
She said "I know noone is looking at me, but still..."
She oftentimes told me she feels so young but her body is betraying her!
My grandmother would have appreciated the many talents of my children.
I wish....
Never mind.
It is when I scrapook these precious pictures of the past
that I come to appreciate what my Grandparents meant to me.
I am so grateful for this meaningful hobby.
My life is enriched by it.


Debbie said...

Mazel Tov, Faygie! Beautiful little girls. Great job with the knitting and all those cables!

Leah Weiss said...

Mazal Tov !! cain Yirbu

I just love reading your lines, You are so talented!! You are happy to show and share your beautiful things you make, and that's is a greatness.

Faye Shagalow said...

Love this post! Yes, that was our Bubbe Sara!

YRR said...

Love the knitted sleeping bag looks so soft and warm, amazing!!! Mazel tov!

Sandy Ang said...

it's so inspiring to read about the stories behind your layouts