Sunday, February 17, 2013

When I am being creative, I am happy...

I finally finished my sweater.
Lo and behold it's actually cold enough to wear it today.
How crazy is that?
50 degrees in Miami.
So it took me 30 hours to make this and I get to wear it for an hour or two.
That's how quickly the cold weather passes through.
But I couldn't care less how long it takes.
Because it's the process I enjoy.
Why rush it?
The fun and the healing benefits are in the process.
And the satisfaction...
Oh the satisfaction...
of making a sweater without a pattern.
What a great mood booster.

I cannot understand how anyone can live without a hobby.
There are a great deal of reasons that having a hobby is important to your well being.
Relaxation, pleasure, discovering your talent, connecting with people
are just a few to consider.
For me
the most important benefit would be
exploring myself through my hobby.
Whether I am reading, playing piano, jewelry making, baking, knitting, or scrapbooking
i discover something new about myself in the process.
Especially as I get older.
Discovery taps in to my youthful spirit.
It's new.
It's fresh.
It hasn't been done yet.
I am the only one who can do something uniquely me.
How exciting is that?
(oy, do I need a craft room...)

Do you know what else boosts the mood?
Great friends.
I am dedicating this layout to my wise and loving friend.
As I was struggling with some choices
she simply said
"Just show up.
That way,
when opportunity knocks
you will be there to open the door!"
When someone says the right thing
at the right moment
it's worth remembering.
Thanx  Arlene.

And last but not least
here is my newest love of my life.
Each child adds dimension to your life you can't imagine being without.
On weekdays I can watch little video snips I receive from the kids
but on Shabbos
I need my scrapbook pages.
To sit quietly
savoring each little picture
as they deserve to be savored.
Appreciating all my blessings
in a conscious, present awareness.

I really wish you could all share in this amazing hobby.
Try it.
I've said it before and I'll say it again -
there is no wrong way to do it.
There is only YOUR way.

8 years ago I was a friend at Rochi's Bas Mitzva.

Now I am an AUNT invited for lunch!
It's crazy.
And it's wonderful...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Did you really make that sweater? Beautiful! I hope the weather cooperates!

Rochel k. said...

I'm not surprised! My incredibly talented sister did it again, and again,'s gorgeous! Trog gezunterheit.
you know Hashem is on your side, since the weather turned a little chilly just for you! May all your desires be fulfilled , ltova vlivracha. Luv, Rochel

Mom said...

Faygie, I just can't believe how beautifully that sweater came out. After seeing it in progress, I couldn't quite picture the finished product. It's really something and fits so well. Wear it in good health and with simcha!

Stacy Cohen said...

Your sweater is beautiful! I'm laughing at your comment about the time it took to make it vs. the time you got to wear it. Kind of like spending a day or two preparing a big family meal only to have everyone gobble it up in 30 minutes. Hopefully you'll get another cold day soon.

And your layouts are so pretty! Your love for your friends and family always pours onto your pages.

Yanky 'n Shandel Strasberg said...

I love your sweater! it looks really nice on you, and you did a wonderful job! you should enjoy it in good health :)