Sunday, July 20, 2014

There is no peace while others suffer...

Worries  fill
my mind.
We are living in difficult times.
It's not easy to detach.
Exploring my own little art world really helps.
“Any fool can be happy. 
It takes a man with real heart 
to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep.” 
Flowers are what I love the most.
After all
flowers are G-d's way
of letting us know
that although the world
is oftentimes cruel
in all their glory,
is beauty at it's essence.
....because you can grow flowers
where dirt used to be...
And most of all -
your mind is a garden,
your thoughts are the seeds,
the harvest can either be
flowers or weeds.
I am obsessed with flowers.
I created a page in my
art journal
that shows just that.

and a fun piece ready to be framed.

Stamps are from one of my favorites
She has inspired me to go for it.
Just take a chance and make something.

This is definitely a favorite one for me.
Thanx for checking in with me.
Here's to Peace in the world.

“But I have come to learn there is no peace while others suffer.” 
― Lily BlakeSnow White & the Huntsman


chana said...

Wow faigy your blog is incredible!
It's all so gorgeous love it!

Toby Weic said...

Love you Faigs, you are continuously a light in this world.

Hench said...

This is SPECTACULAR! Love love. I definitely have that same love of flowers.