Monday, July 7, 2014

Going on an adventure without leaving home!

What I love about my new art adventure is
daring to try.
I put a fresh piece of paper in front of me.
I have no idea what will happen.
I look around and see what inspires.
I start in one place.
I finish somewhere else entirely.
(Something like life itself).
This piece turns out exactly how I hoped it would.
Not because it was planned this way.
But because I followed my inner creative spirit.
I trust myself to know.
Yet when I begin
I have no clue where I'll end.
I laugh my way through it all.
Because it makes me happy
to see colors everywhere
no matter what!

'Every adventure of an artist should be the  expression of an adventure of his soul' 
                                                                                                        W. Somerset Maugham


Chani Fellig said...

Oh my. This piece is FANTASTIC!!!

Toby Weic said...

You are my hero. I love you and your artwork is unreal!

Rochelle said...

Ma, this is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!

Such an's magical.