Friday, July 4, 2014

Have a BLAST!

I love my Thesaurus!
Choosing specific words clarify to your audience
the depth of your thoughts and feelings.
More than that
words have impact on your own self.
I have a friend
that whenever I ask her about her day
she describes whatever she did as
'a blast'!
After years of thinking
why is she having a blast doing this and that
while my experience was 'ordinary',
I decided to join her one afternoon at the beach with some friends
and have a 'blast' too.
What I discovered is...
the power of words.
After spending a pleasant enough time
as we packed up to leave
my friend exclaims
'wasn't that a blast?!
And it hit me right there and then.
The word she chooses colors her experiences with richness.
Stored in her memory in a positive way.
So simple.
And from there on I made a conscious effort
to substitute any negative words
with positive ones.
It's a few years later now
and I can honestly tell you
that my life has changed .
Positive words actually create the reality of positive experience.
Which leads to happiness...
which leads me to my happy hobby!
For years I've wanted to make an Art Journal.
I finally started.
Hopefully this journal will reflect growth in my artistic journey.
I try something new on each page.
My first page uses paper and paint.
I love making little houses.
So I thought I'd start with that.
Also kind of a metaphor
for whats taking place in the house of me.
AND my favorite SHEL SILVERSTEIN poem.

So that is the introduction to my art journey. 
Encouraging myself to listen to my inner voice.
(BTW I had a BLAST doing this!)


Chantal Vandenberg said...

Awesome work!

Hench said...

Great lesson in this one! I had a blast reading your post :)